100% handmade of organic and eco-conscious materials.

I am using laces, cotton yarn, jute, linen, feathers, gems, wooden beads, satin ribbons, shells. Framework made of thin steel wire.

Available sizes:
L - 10'' hoop diameter
M - 8'' hoop diameter
S - 3.5'' hoop diameter
Laces stripes leght are various, depending on the style of dreamcatcher.

Available color themes and styles

:- Boho pastel - in creamy, baby blue, pale pink, light purlpe etc colors
- Dark boho - in coffee brown, dark teal, deep purple, wine red etc colors
- All white - where i will use white only
- Boho goth - lovely gothic theme, with black color prerogative with some deep purple or wine red details
- Gypsy jewels - in very festival bright colors, like deep blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, some gold. Lot of stripes, beads and feathers.
- Black&white - catcher will be created in black and white colors
- Custom - let me know the colors u like me to use (make sure to leave a special note for seller)

Here u can request a custom order (if u dont have Etsy.com account,  pls, sign up). Let me know ur concept, color, design idea. Please, be very clear when u discrubing ur order, let me know each and every detail (size, color, style, materials etc).
Allow me up to 14 days to make it, then i ll send u the photo of the catcher i've created for you, and if we are good i ll ship ur order next days.

Do not hesitate to contact me if u have any questions.